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    • Bounding the Set of Finite Dimensional Quantum Correlations 

      Navascués, M.; Vértesi, T. (American Physical Society, 2015)
      We describe a simple method to derive high performance semidefinite programing relaxations for optimizations over complex and real operator algebras in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces. The method is very flexible, easy ...
    • Generic entangled states as the su(2) phase states 

      Binicioǧlu, S.; Çakir, Ö.; Klyachko, A. A.; Shumovsky, A. S. (World Scientific Publishing, 2005)
      We discuss an algebraic way to construct generic entangled states of qunits based on the polar decomposition of the su(2) algebra. In particular, we show that these states can be defined as eigenstates of certain Hermitian ...