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    • Entanglement in local systems 

      Binicioğlu Çetiner, Sinem (Bilkent University, 2008)
      In this study, we first discuss entanglement measures and we introduce a way to construct generic entangled states of an n-level quantum system. Then we discuss entanglement as a local object. Particularly we use a ...
    • General entanglement 

      Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (IOP, 2006)
      The paper contains a brief review of an approach to quantum entanglement based on analysis of dynamic symmetry of systems and quantum uncertainties, accompanying the measurement of mean value of certain basic observables. ...
    • Nonthermal Quantum Channels as a Thermodynamical Resource 

      Navascués, M.; García-Pintos L.P. (American Physical Society, 2015)
      Quantum thermodynamics can be understood as a resource theory, whereby thermal states are free and the only allowed operations are unitary transformations commuting with the total Hamiltonian of the system. Previous ...
    • Quantifying quantum information via uncertainties 

      Öztop, Barış; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (OSA, 2007)
      We show, for a state ψ of a quantum system with the dynamic symmetry given by the Lie group G, total amount of quantum information and entanglement is provided by summarized uncertainty of basic observables.
    • Quantum correlations among superradiant bose-einstein condensate atoms 

      Taşgin, M. E.; Öztop, B.; Oktel, M. Ö.; Müstecapliog̃lu, Ö. E. (M A I K Nauka - Interperiodica, 2010)
      Quantum correlations among atoms in superradiant Bose-Einstein condensates are discussed. It is shown that atoms in the superradiant atomic condensate can exhibit continuous variable quantum entanglement analogous to ...
    • Quantum entaglement and order parameter in a paired finite Fermi system 

      Gedik, Z. (Elsevier Science, 2002-12)
      We study the pairing correlations in a finite Fermi system from the quantum entanglement point of view. We investigate the relation between the order parameter, which has been introduced recently to describe both finite ...
    • Quantum entanglement of spin-1 bosons with coupled ground states in optical lattices 

      Öztop, B.; Oktel, M. Ö.; Müstecapliolu, Ö. E.; You, L. (IOP Institute of Physics Publishing, 2009)
      We examine particle entanglement, characterized by pseudo-spin squeezing, of spin-1 bosonic atoms with coupled ground states in a one-dimensional optical lattice. Both the superfluid and Mott-insulator phases are investigated ...
    • Quantum entanglement via superradiance of a Bose-Einstein condensate 

      Taşgın, M. E.; Oktel, M. Ö.; You, L.; Müstecaploǧlu, Ö. E. (Institute of Physics PublishingInstitute of Physics Publishing, 2010)
      We adopt the coherence and built-in swap mechanism in sequential superradiance as a tool for obtaining continuous-variable (electric/magnetic fields) quantum entanglement of two counter-propagating pulses emitted from the ...
    • Tunable zero-index photonic crystal waveguide for two-qubit entanglement detection 

      Özgün E.; Özbay, Ekmel; Caglayan, H. (American Chemical Society, 2016)
      Preparation and measurement of an entangled state are essential in quantum information applications. The recent theoretical works on preparing and measuring entangled states via coupled quantum dot-waveguide platforms are ...