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    • Cultural prototypes and dimensions of honor 

      Cross, S. E.; Uskul, A. K.; Gerçek-Swing, B.; Sunbay, Z.; Alözkan, C.; Günsoy, C.; Ataca, B.; Karakitapoğlu-Aygün, Z. (Sage, 2014-02)
      Research evidence and theoretical accounts of honor point to differing definitions of the construct in differing cultural contexts. The current studies address the question “What is honor?” using a prototype approach in ...
    • Learning bayesian classifiers for scene classification with a visual grammar 

      Aksoy, Selim; Koperski, K.; Tusk, C.; Marchisio, G.; Tilton J. C. (IEEE, 2005)
      A challenging problem in image content extraction and classification is building a system that automatically learns high-level semantic interpretations of images. We describe a Bayesian framework for a visual grammar that ...
    • A reduction in the number of active components used in transconductance grounded capacitor filters 

      Tan, Mehmet Ali; Schaumann, R. (IEEE, 1990)
      The number of active components in transconductance grounded capacitor filters is reduced. This reduction is possible in the case where capacitor loops and/or inductor cutsets exist in LC-ladder prototype. A more significant ...