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    • Detection of empty hazelnuts from fully developed nuts by impact acoustics 

      Onaran, İbrahim; Dülek, Berkan; Pearson, T. C.; Yardımcı, Y.; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 2005)
      Shell-kernel weight ratio is the main determinate of quality and price of hazelnuts. Empty hazelnuts and nuts containing undeveloped kernels may also contain mycotoxin producing molds, which can cause cancer. A prototype ...
    • High-precision laser master oscillators for optical timing distribution systems in future light sources 

      Winter, A.; Schmüser, P.; Ludwig, F.; Schlarb, H.; Chen, J.; Kärtner, F. X.; ilday, F. ÖMER (European Physical Society Accelerator Group (EPS-AG), 2006)
      An ultra-stable timing and synchronization system for linac-driven FELs has been designed providing 10 fs precision over distances of several kilometers. Mode-locked fiber lasers serve as master oscillators. The optical ...
    • Wireless ATA: A new data 

      Özler, Serdar; Körpeoğlu, İbrahim (2005)
      This paper introduces a new data transport architecture and protocol for storage that is implemented on wireless devices and that can be accessed through a short-range wireless access technology such as Bluetooth or 802.11. ...