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    • The involvement of apoptotic regulators during in vitro decidualization 

      Akcali, K. C.; Gibori, G.; Khan, S. A. (Society of the European Journal of Endocrinology, 2003)
      Objectives: The uterus responds to an implanting blastocyst by undergoing extensive tissue modification leading to decidualization. This modification includes differentiation and apoptosis of epithelial as well as stromal ...
    • p53 mutation with frequent novel codons but not a mutator phenotype in BRCA1-and BRCA2-associated breast tumours 

      Crook, T.; Brooks, L. A.; Crossland, S.; Osin, P.; Barker, K. T.; Waller, J.; Philp, E.; Smith, P. D.; Yulug, I.; Peto, J.; Parker, G.; Allday, M. J.; Crompton, M. R.; Gusterson, B. A. (Nature Publishing Group, 1998)
      The status of p53 was investigated in breast tumours arising in germ-line carriers of mutant alleles of BRCA1 and BRCA2 and in a control series of sporadic breast tumours. p53 expression was detected in 20/26 (77%) BRCA1-, ...