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    • Convexity and logical analysis of data 

      Ekin, O.; Hammer, P. L.; Kogan, A. (Elsevier, 2000)
      A Boolean function is called k-convex if for any pair x,y of its true points at Hamming distance at most k, every point "between" x and y is also true. Given a set of true points and a set of false points, the central ...
    • A genuinely polynomial primal simplex algorithm for the assignment problem 

      Akgül, M. (Elsevier, 1993)
      We present a primal simplex algorithm that solves the assignment problem in 1 2n(n+3)-4 pivots. Starting with a problem of size 1, we sequentially solve problems of size 2,3,4,...,n. The algorithm utilizes degeneracy by ...
    • A sequential dual simplex algorithm for the linear assignment problem 

      Akgül, M. (Elsevier, 1988)
      We present a sequential dual-simplex algorithm for the linear problem which has the same complexity as the algorithms of Balinski [3,4] and Goldfarb [8]: O(n2) pivots, O(n2 log n + nm) time. Our algorithm works with the ...