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    • Conducting polymer composites of polypyrrole and polyindene 

      Bozkurt, A.; Akbulut, U.; Toppare, L. (Elsevier, 1996)
      Polypyrrole-polyindene composites were prepared via electrochemical methods. Two different approaches were utilized. In the first, the electro-initiated polymerization of indene on a platinum electrode was achieved at 2.0 ...
    • Electronic properties of polypyrrole/polyindene composite/metal junctions 

      Bozkurt, A.; Ercelebi, C.; Toppare, L. (Elsevier, 1997)
      Junction properties between conducting polymer composites of polypyrrole/polyindene (PPy/PIn) with different conductivities and metals like Pt, Au, Al and In have been investigated. Rectifying junctions were observed for ...