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    • Metamaterial based cloaking with sparse distribution of spiral resonators 

      Guven, K.; Saenz, E.; Gonzalo, R.; Özbay, Ekmel; Tretyakov, S. (SPIE, 2010)
      We investigate the application of a metamaterial that is formed by the sparse distribution of spiral resonators as an optical transformation medium is in order to achieve electromagnetic cloaking. The well-known Clausius-Mossotti ...
    • Peculiar piezoelectric properties of soft two-dimensional materials 

      Sevik, C.; Çakır, D.; Gülseren, O.; Peeters, F. M. (American Chemical Society, 2016-06)
      Group II-VI semiconductor honeycomb monolayers have a noncentrosymmetric crystal structure and therefore are expected to be important for nano piezoelectric device applications. This motivated us to perform first-principles ...