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    • Fabrication, characterization and simulation of plasmonic cavities 

      Karabıyık, Mustafa (Bilkent University, 2010)
      Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) originate from the collective oscillations of conduction electrons coupled with photons propagating at metal-dielectric interfaces. A uniform metallic gratings change the dispersion ...
    • Grating based plasmonic cavities 

      Şenlik, Servet Seçkin (Bilkent University, 2009)
      Surface plasmon polaritons are dipole carrying electromagnetic excitations occur- ing at metal-dielectric interfaces. Metallic periodic structures exhibit modi¯ed transmission and re°ection spectra owing to the interaction ...
    • Plasmonic band gap cavities 

      Kocabaş, Aşkın (Bilkent University, 2008)
      Surface plasmon polaritons (SPP’s) are trapped electromagnetic waves coupled to free electrons in metals that propagate at the metal-dielectric interfaces. Due to their surface confinement and potential in sub-wavelength ...