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    • Dependence of triboelectric charging behavior on material microstructure 

      Wang, A. E.; Gill, P. S.; Holonga, M.; Yavuz, Z.; Baytekin, H. T.; Sankaran, R. M.; Lacks, D. J. (American Physical Society, 2017-08-23)
      We demonstrate that differences in the microstructure of chemically identical materials can lead to distinct triboelectric charging behavior. Contact charging experiments are carried out between strained and unstrained ...
    • Modeling and animation of brittle fracture in three dimensions 

      Küçükyılmaz, Ayşe (Bilkent University, 2007)
      This thesis describes a system for simulating fracture in brittle objects. The system combines rigid body simulation methods with a constraint-based model to animate fracturing of arbitrary polyhedral shaped objects under ...
    • A wireless passive sensing system for displacement/strain measurement in reinforced concrete members 

      Ozbey B.; Erturk V.B.; Demir H.V.; Altintas, A.; Kurc O. (MDPI AG, 2016)
      In this study, we show a wireless passive sensing system embedded in a reinforced concrete member successfully being employed for the measurement of relative displacement and strain in a simply supported beam experiment. ...