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    • High‐speed atomic force microscopy using an integrated actuator and optical lever detection 

      Manalis, S. R.; Minne, S. C.; Atalar, Abdullah; Quate, C. F. (A I P Publishing LLC, 1996-09)
      A new procedure for high‐speed imaging with the atomic force microscope that combines an integrated ZnO piezoelectric actuator with an optical lever sensor has yielded an imaging bandwidth of 33 kHz. This bandwidth is ...
    • Silicon micromachined ultrasonic immersion transducers 

      Soh, H. T.; Ladabaum, I.; Atalar, Abdullah; Quate, C. F.; Khuri-Yakub, B. T. (A I P Publishing LLC, 1996-12-09)
      Broadband transmission of ultrasound in water using capacitive, micromachined transducers is reported. Transmission experiments using the same pair of devices at 4, 6, and 8 MHz with a signal‐to‐noise ratio greater than ...