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    • Coupled-cavity structures in photonic crystals 

      Bayındır, Mehmet; Özbay, Ekmel (Materials Research Society, 2002)
      We investigate the localized coupled-cavity modes in two-dimensional dielectric photonic crystals. The transmission, phase, and delay time characteristics of the various coupled-cavity structures are measured and calculated. ...
    • Highly directive radiation and negative refraction using photonic crystals 

      Özbay, Ekmel; Bulu, I.; Aydin, K.; Caglayan H.; Alici, K. B.; Guven, K. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2005)
      In this article, we present an experimental and numerical study of certain optical properties of two-dimensional dielectric photonic crystals (PCs). By modifying the band structure of a two-dimensional photonic crystal ...
    • Physics and applications of photonic nanocrystals 

      Ozbay E.; Guven K.; Aydin K.; Bayindir M. (2004)
      Photonic nanocrystals are periodic dielectric or metallic structures having photonic bands in analogy to electronic bands of semiconductors. The presence of photonic band-gaps, where the propagation of photons of certain ...