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    • Artificial olfaction inside nanostructured infrared fiber arrays 

      Yaman, Mecit; Yıldırım, Adem; Bayındır, Mehmet (IEEE, 2011)
      Nanostructured hollow core fibers are used to demonstrate a new infrared absorption based artificial nose. The sensor unit of the array is a hollow core Bragg fiber that selectively guides incident blackbody radiation and ...
    • Binary coded identification of industrial chemical vapors with an optofluidic nose 

      Adamu, A. I.; Ozturk, F. E.; Bayındır, Mehmet (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016)
      An artificial nose system for the recognition and classification of gas-phase analytes and its application in identifying common industrial gases is reported. The sensing mechanism of the device comprises the measurement ...
    • Bio-insprired optoelectronic digital nose for breath analysis 

      Bayındır, Mehmet; Yıldırım, Adem; Yaman, Mecit; Vural, Mert (2011)
      A novel electronic nose device is presented that can be used in disease diagnostics by exhaled breath analysis. Exhaled breath contains more than a thousand organic compounds that can be analysed to insect various diseases ...