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    • Functional subdomains within human FFA 

      Çukur, T.; Huth, A. G.; Nishimoto, S.; Gallant, J. L. (Society for Neuroscience, 2013)
      The fusiform face area (FFA) is a well-studied human brain region that shows strong activation for faces. In functional MRI studies, FFA is often assumed to be a homogeneous collection of voxels with similar visual tuning. ...
    • Neural correlates of acquired color category effects 

      Clifford, A.; Franklin, A.; Holmes, A.; Drivonikou V.G.; Özgen, E.; Davies I.R.L. (2012)
      Category training can induce category effects, whereby color discrimination of stimuli spanning a newly learned category boundary is enhanced relative to equivalently spaced stimuli from within the newly learned category ...