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    • Adaptive ensemble learning with confidence bounds for personalized diagnosis 

      Tekin, Cem; Yoon, J.; Van Der Schaar, M. (AAAI Press, 2016)
      With the advances in the field of medical informatics, automated clinical decision support systems are becoming the de facto standard in personalized diagnosis. In order to establish high accuracy and confidence in ...
    • Adaptive hierarchical space partitioning for online classification 

      Kılıç, O. Fatih; Vanlı, N. D.; Özkan, H.; Delibalta, İ.; Kozat, Süleyman Serdar (IEEE, 2016)
      We propose an online algorithm for supervised learning with strong performance guarantees under the empirical zero-one loss. The proposed method adaptively partitions the feature space in a hierarchical manner and generates ...
    • Average error in recovery of sparse signals and discrete fourier transform 

      Özçelikkale, Ayça; Yüksel, S.; Özaktaş Haldun M. (IEEE, 2012-04)
      In compressive sensing framework it has been shown that a sparse signal can be successfully recovered from a few random measurements. The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) is one of the transforms that provide the best ...