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    • Beyond Nyquist sampling: a cost-based approach 

      Özçelikkale, A.; Özaktaş, Haldun M. (Optical Society of America, 2013)
      A sampling-based framework for finding the optimal representation of a finite energy optical field using a finite number of bits is presented. For a given bit budget, we determine the optimum number and spacing of the ...
    • Minimizing schedule length on identical parallel machines: an exact algorithm 

      Akyel, H. Cemal (Bilkent University, 1991)
      The primary concern of this study is to investigate the combinatorial aspects of the single-stage identical parallel machine scheduling problem and to develop a computationally feasible branch and bound algorithm for its ...
    • Performance bounds on optimal fixed prices 

      Şen, A. (2013)
      We consider the problem of selling a fixed stock of items over a finite horizon when the buyers arrive following a Poisson process. We obtain a general lower bound on the performance of using a fixed price rather than ...