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    • Exploring the roots and dynamics of Kurdish ethno-nationalism in Turkey 

      Sarıgıl, Z.; Fazlıoglu, O. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2014)
      Using comprehensive and original data derived from a recent major public opinion survey, this study examines an under-investigated aspect of the Kurdish issue in Turkey: the dynamics and factors behind Kurdish ethno-nationalism ...
    • Global disorder and the limits of 'dialogue' 

      Salt, J. (Routledge, 2008)
      Since 2001 (designated as the UN Year of Dialogue Among Civilisations) several initiatives have been developed as a means of resolving problems whose causes have been ascribed, primarily by Samuel Huntington and Bernard ...
    • Jewish settlements: Another name for occupation 

      Dinçer, Osman Bahadır; Coşkun, G. (Uluslararası Stratejik Araştırma Kurumu, 2011)
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been one of the main issues of the Middle Eastern political agenda. The Israeli-Palestinian issue is a complex matter as it comprises of many disputed issues. The status of Jerusalem, ...