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    • 3D electron density estimation in the ionosphere 

      Tuna, Hakan; Arıkan, Orhan; Arıkan, F. (IEEE, 2014)
      Ionosphere has ion distribution which is variable in space and time. There have been physical and empirical studies for modeling the ionosphere. International Reference Ionosphere extended to Plasmasphere (IRI-Plas) is the ...
    • Dipole source reconstruction of brain signals by using particle swarm optimization 

      Alp, Yaşar Kemal; Arıkan, Orhan; Karakaş, S. (IEEE, 2009)
      Resolving the sources of neural activity is of prime importance in the analysis of Event Related Potentials (ERP). These sources can be modeled as effective dipoles. Identifying the dipole parameters from the measured ...
    • ERP source reconstruction by using Particle Swarm Optimization 

      Alp, Yaşar Kemal; Arıkan, Orhan; Karakaş, S. (IEEE, 2009)
      Localization of the sources of Event Related Potentials (ERP) is a challenging inverse problem, especially to resolve sources of neural activity occurring simultaneously. By using an effective dipole source model, we propose ...