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    • A multi-modal video analysis approach for car park fire detection 

      Verstockt, S.; Hoecke, S. V.; Beji, T.; Merci, B.; Gouverneur, B.; Cetin, A. E.; Potter, P. D.; Walle, R. V. D. (Elsevier, 2013)
      In this paper a novel multi-modal flame and smoke detector is proposed for the detection of fire in large open spaces such as car parks. The flame detector is based on the visual and amplitude image of a time-of-flight ...
    • Parking as a loss leader at shopping malls 

      Ersoy, F. Y.; Hasker, K.; Inci, E. (Pergamon Press, 2016)
      This paper investigates the pricing of malls in an environment where shoppers choose between a car and public transportation in getting to a suburban mall. The mall implicitly engages in mixed bundling; it sells goods ...