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    • Is Roger Federer more loss averse than Serena Williams? 

      Anbarci, N.; Arin, K. P.; Okten, C.; Zenker, C. (Routledge, 2017)
      Using data from the high-stakes 2013 Dubai professional tennis tournament, we find that, compared with a tied score, (i) male players have a higher serve speed and thus exhibit more effort when behind in score, and their ...
    • Nominal and real stochastic convergence of transition economies 

      Kutan, A. M.; Yigit, T. M. (Academic Press, 2004)
      To investigate the sensitivity of real and nominal economic convergence of transition economies to model specification and restrictions, we extend the work of Kocenda [J. Compar. Econ. 29 (2001) 1] by considering a more ...
    • Real and nominal stochastic convergence: are the new EU members ready to join the Euro zone? 

      Kutan, A. M.; Yigit, T. M. (Academic Press, 2005)
      A key requirement for the new members to join the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) is real and financial convergence to European Union (EU) levels. This paper expands the analysis in [Kocenda, E., Macroeconomic ...