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    • Continuous mesoporous pd films by electrochemical deposition in nonionic micellar solution 

      Iqbal, M.; Li C.; Wood, K.; Jiang B.; Takei, T.; Dag, Ö.; Baba, D.; Nugraha, A. S.; Asahi, T.; Whitten, A. E.; Hossain, M. S. A.; Malgras, V.; Yamauchi, Y. (American Chemical Society, 2017)
      Mesoporous metals that combine catalytic activity and high surface area can provide more opportunities for electrochemical applications. Various synthetic methods, including hard and soft templating, have been developed ...
    • Electroless synthesis of 3nm wide alloy nanowires inside Tobacco mosaic virus 

      Balci, S.; Hahn, K.; Kopold P.; Kadri, A.; Wege, C.; Kern, K.; Bittner, A.M. (2012)
      We show that 3nm wide cobaltiron alloy nanowires can be synthesized by simple wet chemical electroless deposition inside tubular Tobacco mosaic virus particles. The method is based on adsorption of Pd(II) ions, formation ...