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    • p53 but not p16(INK4a) induces growth arrest in retinoblastoma-deficient hepatocellular carcinoma cells 

      Morel, A. P.; Unsal, K.; Cagatay, T.; Ponchel, F.; Carr, B.; Ozturk, M. (Elsevier, 2000-08)
      Background/Aim: Both p16(INK4a) and p53 proteins are negative regulators of the cell cycle. In human hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC), the loss of function of p53, retinoblastoma (pRb) and p16(INK4a) genes by different ...
    • Senescence and immortality in hepatocellular carcinoma 

      Ozturk, M.; Arslan-Ergul, A.; Bagislar, S.; Senturk, S.; Yuzugullu, H. (Elsevier, 2009-10-01)
      Cellular senescence is a process leading to terminal growth arrest with characteristic morphological features. This process is mediated by telomere-dependent, oncogene-induced and ROS-induced pathways, but persistent DNA ...