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    • Dynamic tuning of plasmon resonance in the visible using graphene 

      Balci, S.; Balci, O.; Kakenov, N.; Atar, F. B.; Kocabas, C. (The Optical Society, 2016)
      We report active electrical tuning of plasmon resonance of silver nanoprisms (Ag NPs) in the visible spectrum. Ag NPs are placed in close proximity to graphene which leads to additional tunable loss for the plasmon resonance. ...
    • Observer based control of chaos 

      Solak, E.; Morgul, Ö.; Ersoy, U. (IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, United States, 1997)
      In this work we consider the control of forced chaotic oscillators. To obtain any desirable behavior, the system parameters are effectively modified using state feedback. The system states used in the feedback are estimated ...