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    • Elements of a hybrid interconnection theory 

      Özaktaş, Haldun M.; Goodman, J. W. (Optical Society of America, 1994-05-10)
      We present a textbooklike treatment of hybrid systems employing both optical and electrical interconnections. We investigate how these two different interconnection media can be used in conjunction to realize a system not ...
    • Optical information processing: A historical overview 

      Özaktaş, Haldun Memduh; Kutay, Mehmet Alper (Academic Press, 2021-12)
      Optical information processing lies at the intersection of optics and signal processing. It involves the processing of optical information as well as the use of optical means to process information, the later being the ...
    • Optical-coordinate transformation methods and optical-interconnection architectures 

      Mendlovic, D.; Özaktaş, Haldun M. (Optical Society of America, 1993)
      The analogy between optical one-to-one point transformations and optical one-to-one interconnections is discussed. Methods for performing both operations are reviewed and compared. The multifacet and multistage architectures ...