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    • Cumulant-based parametric multichannel FIR system identification methods 

      Özgen, M. T.; Alshebeili, S. A.; Çetin, A. E.; Venetsanopoulos, A. N. (Elsevier, 1994)
      In this paper, “least squares” and recursive methods for simultaneous identification of four nonminimum phase linear, time-invariant FIR systems are presented. The methods utilize the second- and fourth-order cumulants of ...
    • Harmonic cantilevers for nanomechanical sensing of elastic properties 

      Sahin, O.; Yaralioglu, G.; Grow, R.; Zappe, S. F.; Atalar, Abdullah; Quate, C.; Solgaard, O. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2003)
      We present a micromachined scanning probe cantilever, in which a specific higher order flexural mode is designed to be resonant at an exact integer multiple of the fundamental resonance frequency. We have demonstrated that ...
    • Image deconvolution via efficient sparsifying transform learning 

      Akyön, F. Ç.; Kamacı, U.; Öktem, F. S. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2018)
      Image deconvolution is one of the most frequently encountered inverse problems in imaging. Since natural images can be modeled sparsely in some transform domain, sparsity priors have been shown to effectively regularize ...