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    • Performance assessment of a diffraction field computation method based on source model 

      Esmer, G. B.; Onural, L.; Ozaktas, H. M.; Uzunov, V.; Gotchev, A. (2008)
      Efficient computation of scalar optical diffraction field due to an object is an essential issue in holographic 3D television systems. The first step in the computation process is to construct an object. As a solution for ...
    • Trends in development of dynamic holographic displays 

      Sainov V.; Stoykova, E.; Onural L.; Ozaktas, H., M. (2006)
      Creation of a dynamic 3-D display based on holography, in which a 3-D scene is encoded in terms of optical diffraction, transformed into the fringe patterns of the hologram that is further converted into a signal for a ...