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    • On-chip memory space partitioning for chip multiprocessors using polyhedral algebra 

      Ozturk, O.; Kandemir, M.; Irwin, M. J. (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2010)
      One of the most important issues in designing a chip multiprocessor is to decide its on-chip memory organisation. While it is possible to design an application-specific memory architecture, this may not necessarily be the ...
    • Shared scratch pad memory space management across applications 

      Ozturk, Ozcan; Kandemir, M.; Son, S. W.; Kolcu, I. (Inderscience Publishers, 2009)
      Scratch Pad Memories (SPMs) have received considerable attention lately as on-chip memory building blocks. The main characteristic that distinguishes an SPM from a conventional cache memory is that the data flow is controlled ...
    • Using data compression for increasing memory system utilization 

      Ozturk, O.; Kandemir, M.; Irwin, M. J. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-06)
      The memory system presents one of the critical challenges in embedded system design and optimization. This is mainly due to the ever-increasing code complexity of embedded applications and the exponential increase seen in ...