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    • Odour intensity learning in fruit flies 

      Yarali, A.; Ehser, S.; Hapil F.Z.; Huang J.; Gerber, B. (2009)
      Animals' behaviour towards odours depends on both odour quality and odour intensity. While neuronal coding of odour quality is fairly well studied, how odour intensity is treated by olfactory systems is less clear. Here ...
    • Profiling turkish honeys to determine authenticity using physical and chemical characteristics 

      Senyuva H.Z.; Gilbert J.; Silici, S.; Charlton, A.; Dal, C.; Gürel, N.; Cimen, D. (2009)
      Seventy authentic honey samples of 9 different floral types (rhododendron, chestnut, honeydew, Anzer (thymus spp.), eucalyptus, gossypium, citrus, sunflower, and multifloral) from 15 different geographical regions of Turkey ...