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    • Formulation of the Reynolds equation on a time-dependent lubrication surface 

      Temizer, I.; Stupkiewicz, S. (Royal Society of London, 2016)
      The Reynolds equation, which describes the lubrication effect arising through the interaction of two physical surfaces that are separated by a thin fluid film, is formulated with respect to a continuously evolving third ...
    • Pragmatism and moral progress: John Dewey's theory of social inquiry 

      Sorrell, K. (Sage, 2013)
      John Dewey developed a pragmatic theory of inquiry to provide intelligent methods for social progress. He believed that the logic and attitude of successful scientific inquiries, properly conceived, could be fruitfully ...
    • Re-constructing Eliade 

      Tezcan, E. (2003)
      The analysis of the theory, method and sources of Mircea Eliade's monography, Aspects of Myths is the purpose of this essay. The main discussion in Eliade's work is; whether it's possible to reduce the deffinitions of myths ...