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    • Modeling of droplet motion on textured surfaces 

      Naji, Mayssam (Bilkent University, 2021-09)
      We describe the motion of a droplet on a textured ratchet track using a non-linear resonator model. A textured ratchet track is composed of semi-circular pillar array that induces a net surface tension gradient on a droplet ...
    • Observation of soliton molecules with independently evolving phase in a mode-locked fiber laser 

      Ortaç, B.; Zaviyalov, A.; Nielsen, C.K.; Egorov O.; Iliew, R.; Limpert J.; Lederer F.; Tünnermann, A. (2010)
      We report the experimental generation of two-soliton molecules in an all-polarization-maintaining ytterbium-doped fiber laser operating in the normal dispersion regime. These molecules exhibit an independently evolving ...