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    • Novelty detection for topic tracking 

      Aksoy, C.; Can, F.; Kocberber, S. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012)
      Multisource web news portals provide various advantages such as richness in news content and an opportunity to follow developments from different perspectives. However, in such environments, news variety and quantity can ...
    • Novelty detection using soft partitioning and hierarchical models 

      Ergen, Tolga; Gökçesu, Kaan; Şimşek, Mustafa; Kozat, Süleyman Serdar (IEEE, 2017)
      In this paper, we study novelty detection problem and introduce an online algorithm. The algorithm sequentially receives an observation, generates a decision and then updates its parameters. In the first step, to model the ...
    • Unseen face presentation attack detection using sparse multiple kernel fisher null-space 

      Arashloo, Shervin Rahimzadeh (IEEE, 2020)
      We address the face presentation attack detection problem in the challenging conditions of an unseen attack scenario where the system is exposed to novel presentation attacks that were not available in the training stage. ...