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    • Burst-mode Yb fiber amplifier producing 30 μJ individual pulse energy 

      Kalaycıoğlu, Hamit; Burak Eldeniz, Y.; İlday, F. Ömer; Eken, K. (Optical Society of America, 2012)
      We report 30-μJ individual pulse energy for 150-ns long amplified bursts of 0.4 mJ total energy from a 1-kHz Yb-fiber amplifier. Non-uniformity of pulse energy distribution inside amplified bursts is significantly reduced. ...
    • Resonances and nonuniformities in CMUT elements or arrays 

      Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin (IEEE, 2014-09)
      We determine the response of individual cells of a CMUT array immersed in water using the small-signal equivalent circuit of a single cell and radiation impedances. Using a numerically efficient technique, we are able to ...