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    • H∞-performance analysis of robust controllers designed for AQM 

      Yan, P.; Özbay, Hitay (IEEE, 2003)
      It has been shown that the TCP connections through the congested routers with the Active Queue Management (AQM) can be modeled as a nonlinear feedback system. In this paper, we design H∞ robust controllers for AQM based ...
    • Inductorless realisation of Chua oscillator 

      Morgül, Ö. (IET, 1995)
      An inductorless realisation of a Chua oscillator, which exhibits chaotic behaviour is presented. This new realisation consists of the Wien bridge oscillator, coupled in parallel with the same nonlinear resistor used in the ...
    • Nonlinear identification and optimal feedforward friction compensation for a motion platform 

      Güç, Ahmet Furkan (Bilkent University, 2020-06)
      We present a method of nonlinear identification and optimal feedforward friction compensation procedure for an industrial single degree of freedom motion platform. The platform suffers from nonlinear dynamic effects, such as ...