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    • A performance comparison of zone-based multicast protocols for mobile ad hoc networks 

      Zhang, Y.; Rangnekar, A.; Selçuk, Ali A.; Bicak, A.; Sidhu, D. (IEEE, 2003)
      With the current trend toward ubiquitous computing come wireless devices capable of forming the nodes of mobile ad hoc networks. Such networks typically rely on routing protocols in order to communicate messages from a ...
    • Shifting network tomography toward a practical goal 

      Ghita, D.; Karakuş, Can; Argyraki, K.; Thiran, P. (ACM, 2011)
      Boolean Inference makes it possible to observe the congestion status of end-to-end paths and infer, from that, the congestion status of individual network links. In principle, this can be a powerful monitoring tool, in ...