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    • Plasmonic nano-bio sensors for detection of E-coli bacteria 

      Cinel, N.A.; Bütün, S.; Çalişkan, D.; Ozbay, Ekmel (2009)
      Biological sensors, that rely on localized surface plasmon resonance exhibited by metallic nanocylinders fabricated using electron beam lithography and functionalized with the immobilization of biotin conjugated E-coli ...
    • SILVER nano-cylinders designed by EBL used as label free LSPR nano-biosensors 

      Cinel, N.A.; Bütün, S.; Özbay, E. (2011)
      Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) is based on the electromagnetic-field enhancement of metallic nano-particles. It is observed at the metal-dielectric interface and the resonance wavelength can be tuned by the ...
    • Spectral response modification of TiO2 MSM photodetector with an LSPR filter 

      Caliskan, D.; Butun, B.; Ozcan, S.; Ozbay, E. (Optical Society of America, 2014)
      We fabricated UVB filtered TiO2 MSM photodetectors by the localized surface plasmon resonance effect. A plasmonic filter structure was designed using FDTD simulations. Final filter structure was fabricated with Al ...