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    • Chromatin-modifying enzymes as modulators of reprogramming 

      Onder, T. T.; Kara, N.; Cherry, A.; Sinha, A. U.; Zhu, N.; Bernt, K. M.; Cahan, P.; Marcarci, B. O.; Unternaehrer, J.; Gupta, P. B.; Lander, E. S.; Armstrong, S. A.; Daley, G. Q. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by somatic cell reprogramming involves global epigenetic remodelling. Whereas several proteins are known to regulate chromatin marks associated with the distinct epigenetic ...
    • Transforming growth factor-beta induces senescence in hepatocellular carcinoma cells and inhibits tumor growth 

      Şentürk, Şerif; Mumcuoğlu, Mine; Gürsoy-Yüzügüllü, Özge; Cingöz, Burcu; Akçalı, Kamil Can; Öztürk, Mehmet (American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, 2010)
      Senescence induction could be used as an effective treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, major senescence inducers (p53 and p16Ink4a) are frequently inactivated in these cancers.We tested whether transforming ...