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    • Comparison of multilevel methods for kronecker-based Markovian representations 

      Buchholz, P.; Dayar T. (Springer, 2004)
      The paper presents a class of numerical methods to compute the stationary distribution of Markov chains (MCs) with large and structured state spaces. A popular way of dealing with large state spaces in Markovian modeling ...
    • Decompositional analysis of Kronecker structured Markov chains 

      Bao, Y.; Bozkur, I. N.; Dayar, T.; Sun, X.; Trivedi, K. S. (Kent State University, 2008)
      This contribution proposes a decompositional iterative method with low memory requirements for the steadystate analysis ofKronecker structured Markov chains. The Markovian system is formed by a composition of subsystems ...
    • On the convergence of a class of multilevel methods for large sparse Markov chains 

      Buchholz, P.; Dayar, T. (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007)
      This paper investigates the theory behind the steady state analysis of large sparse Markov chains with a recently proposed class of multilevel methods using concepts from algebraic multigrid and iterative aggregation- ...