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    • Jamming bandits-a novel learning method for optimal jamming 

      Amuru, S.; Tekin, C.; Van Der Schaar, M.; Buehrer, R.M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      Can an intelligent jammer learn and adapt to unknown environments in an electronic warfare-type scenario? In this paper, we answer this question in the positive, by developing a cognitive jammer that adaptively and optimally ...
    • Learning traffic congestion by contextual bandit problems for optimum localization 

      Şahin, Ümitcan; Yücesoy, V.; Koç, A.; Tekin, Cem (IEEE, 2017)
      Optimum localization problem, which has a wide range of application areas in real life such as emergency services, command and control systems, warehouse localization, shipment planning, aims to find the best location to ...