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    • Adjuvant autologous melanoma vaccine for macroscopic stage III disease: survival, biomarkers, and improved response to CTLA-4 blockade 

      Lotem, M.; Merims, S.; Frank, S.; Hamburger, T.; Nissan, A.; Kadouri, L.; Cohen, J.; Straussman, R.; Eisenberg, G.; Frankenburg, S.; Carmon, E.; Alaiyan, B.; Shneibaum, S.; Ayyildiz, Z. O.; Isbilen, M.; Senses, K. M.; Ron, I.; Steinberg, H.; Smith, Y.; Shiloni, E.; Gure, A. O.; Peretz, T. (Hindawi Limited, 2016)
      Background. There is not yet an agreed adjuvant treatment for melanoma patients with American Joint Committee on Cancer stages III B and C. We report administration of an autologous melanoma vaccine to prevent disease ...
    • Phenotype-based variation as a biomarker of sensitivity to molecularly targeted therapy in melanoma 

      Senses, K. M.; Ghasemi M.; Akbar, M. W.; Isbilen, M.; Fallacara, A. L.; Frankenburg, S.; Schenone, S.; Lotem, M.; Botta, M.; Gure, A. O. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017)
      Transcriptomic phenotypes defined for melanoma have been reported to correlate with sensitivity to various drugs. In this study, we aimed to define a minimal signature that could be used to distinguish melanoma sub-types ...