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    • From virtual to physical: Integration of chemical logic gates 

      Guliyev, R.; Ozturk, S.; Kostereli, Z.; Akkaya, E. U. (2011)
      Integration by parts: Advanced information processing at the molecular level requires integrated logic gates, which has to date been possible only virtually. Now, two independently working AND molecular logic gates are ...
    • Modular logic gates: cascading independent logic gates via metal ion signals 

      Ecik, E. T.; Atilgan, A.; Guliyev, R.; Uyar, T. B.; Gumus, A.; Akkaya, E. U. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014)
      Systematic cascading of molecular logic gates is an important issue to be addressed for advancing research in this field. We have demonstrated that photochemically triggered metal ion signals can be utilized towards that ...