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    • All-fiber all-normal dispersion laser with a fiber-based Lyot filter 

      Özgören, K.; Ilday, F. Ö. (Optical Society of America, 2010-04-15)
      We propose the use of a short section of polarization-maintaining fiber as a birefringent medium to construct an all-fiber Lyot filter inside the cavity of a fiber laser. This allows mode-locked operation of an all-fiber ...
    • All-fiber Yb-doped laser mode-locked by nanotubes 

      Zhang, Zewang; Popa, D.; Sun, Z.; Hasan, T.; Ferrari, A.C.; İlday, F. Ömer (IEEE, 2013)
      Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and graphene have emerged as promising saturable absorbers (SAs), due to their broad operation bandwidth and fast recovery times [1-3]. However, Yb-doped fiber lasers mode-locked using ...
    • All-fiber-integrated soliton-similariton laser with in-line fiber filter 

      Zhang, Z.; Öktem, B.; Ilday, F. Ö. (Optical Society of America, 2012-08-16)
      We demonstrate an all-fiber-integrated Er-doped fiber laser operating in the soliton-similariton mode-locking regime. In the similariton part of the cavity, a self-similarly evolving parabolic pulse with highly linear chirp ...
    • Characterization of coupling of pump fluctuations to laser in mode-locked Yb-doped and Er-doped fiber oscillators 

      Budunoğlu, İbrahim Levent; Gürel, Kutan; İlday, F. Ömer (Optical Society of America, 2010)
      Transfer of fluctuations of pump power to laser power is characterized for mode-locked fiber oscillators. Contribution of pump noise to laser noise is estimated. Limits to pump modulation bandwidth for carrier-envelopephase ...
    • Femtosecond microjoule-Class ytterbium fiber lasers 

      Lecaplain, C.; Ortaç, Bülend; Machinet G.; Boullet J.; Baumgartl, M.; Schreiber, T.; Cormier, E.; Hideur, A. (Optical Society of America, 2011)
      We report the generation of 830 nJ energy from a mode-locked all-normal dispersion fiber laser featuring large-mode-area photonic crystal fibers. After external compression, 550 fs pulses with 1.2 MW peak power are ...
    • Femtosecond pulse generation from an extended cavity Cr4+: Forsterite laser using graphene on YAG 

      Baylam I.; Ozharar, S.; Natali Cizmeciyan, M.; Balcı, Osman; Pince, Erçağ; Kocabaş, Coşkun; Sennaroglu, A. (Optical Society of America, 2013)
      A room temperature, multipass-cavity, femtosecond Cr4+:forsterite laser was modelocked with a single-layer graphene saturable absorber on a YAG substrate. The resonator produced nearly transform-limited 92 fs pulses near ...
    • Fiber laser-microscope system for femtosecond photodisruption of biological samples 

      Yavaş, Seydi; Erdoğan, Mutlu; Gürel, Kutan; İlday, F. Ömer; Eldeniz, Y. B.; Tazebay, Uygar H. (Optical Society of America, 2012-02-22)
      We report on the development of a ultrafast fiber lasermicroscope system for femtosecond photodisruption of biological targets. A mode-locked Yb-fiber laser oscillator generates few-nJ pulses at 32.7 MHz repetition rate, ...
    • Filterless all-normal dispersion fiber laser 

      Özgören, Kıvanç; İlday, F. Ömer (IEEE, 2009)
      We demonstrate mode-locked operation of an allnormal dispersion Yb-fiber oscillator without the use of bulk bandpass filter. A section of PM-fiber incorporated into the cavity acts as a filter, paving the way towards an ...
    • Generation of 1.2-nJ, 62-fs, chirp-free pulses directly from a Yb-doped fiber oscillator 

      Teamir, Tesfay G.; İlday, Fatih Ömer (IEEE, 2016)
      1.2-nJ, 62-fs, linear-chirp-free pulses are generated directly from a mode-locked fiber oscillator through optimized interaction of second- and third-order dispersion with self-phase modulation.
    • Graphene mode-locked femtosecond Cr: LiSAF laser 

      Canbaz F.; Kakenov, N.; Kocabas, C.; Demirbas, U.; Sennaroglu, A. (Optical Society of America (OSA), 2015)
      We report the first demonstration of femtosecond pulse generation from a Cr:LiSAF laser mode-locked with a monolayer graphene saturable absorber. Nearly transform-limited 72-fs pulses were generated at 850 nm with only two ...
    • Influence of pump noise on mode-locked fiber oscillators 

      Teamir, Tesfay G.; Elahi, Parviz; Budunoğlu, İbrahim Levent; Gürel, Kutan; İlday, Fatih Ömer (OSA, 2015)
      Pump modulation transfer function (MTF), and its dependence on pump power are investigated for all normal dispersion, dispersion managed and soliton-like mode-locked oscillator both in experiment and simulation. We find ...
    • A novel fiber laser development for photoacoustic microscopy 

      Yavaş, Seydi; Aytac-Kipergil, E.; Arabul, M.U.; Erkol H.; Akçaalan, Önder; Eldeniz, Y.B.; İlday, F. Ömer; Unlu, M.B. (SPIE, 2013)
      Photoacoustic microscopy, as an imaging modality, has shown promising results in imaging angiogenesis and cutaneous malignancies like melanoma, revealing systemic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, tracing drug ...
    • Properties of a microjoule-class fiber oscillator mode-locked with a SESAM 

      Lecaplain, C.; Ortac, Bülend; MacHinet G.; Boullet J.; Baumgartl, M.; Schreiber, T.; Cormier, E.; Hideur, A. (IEEE, 2011)
      Energy scaling of ultrafast Yb-doped fiber oscillators has experienced rapid progress largely driven by many applications that require high average power femtosecond pulses. The fundamental challenge for ultrafast fiber ...