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    • Millimeter-wave scale metamaterials 

      Alici, K.B.; Ozbay, E. (2009)
      We review two metamaterial configurations, which are operating at the millimeter-wave scale, in terms of design, fabrication, and characterization. We observed both numerically and experimentally at around 100 GHz a narrow ...
    • Resonances in the electromagnetic scattering by very large finite-periodic grids of circular dielectric wires 

      Natarov, D. M.; Benson, T. M.; Altintas, A.; Sauleau, R.; Nosich, I. (IEEE Computer Society, 2010)
      Diffraction of plane waves by infinite gratings is a classical research topic in the scattering theory. Using the Floquet theorem, one can reduce the infinite grating problem to the one-period problem. A characteristic ...