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    • Changing uses of the middle-class living room in Turkey: the transformation of the closed-salon phenomenon 

      Nasır, E. B.; Öğüt, Ş. T.; Gürel, M. (2015)
      Structured as a think piece, this study examines the transformation of Turkish middle-class living room practices and their material settings from the 1930s to the 2010s in accommodating the changing uses of that space. ...
    • Class 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The economic and social transformations engendered by industrialization, urbanization, and the emergence of a market economy in the nineteenth century led to processes of class formation, class difference, and class identity ...
    • Cult of Domesticity 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The “cult of domesticity” was first explored as a historical phenomenon in antebellum U.S. society by Barbara Welter, who wrote in 1966 of a “cult of true womanhood,” though the phrase itself was coined by the historian ...
    • Gilded Age 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The Gilded Age (1873–1900) takes its name from the title of an 1873 novel by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner. The social transformations that prompted Twain and Warner to characterize this period as materialistic, ...
    • Industrialization 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The process of industrialization, which began in the United States during the early nineteenth century, had an enormous impact on American constructions of masculinity. It complicated preindustrial notions of manhood based ...
    • Market Revolution 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The term market revolution describes a succession of economic and technological changes that transformed U.S. society between 1825 and 1860. The construction of roads, canals, and railroads; the opening of the West to ...
    • Ortalama Burjuva 

      İleri, Selim (1993)
    • Sanat ve araştırma 

      Başat, İ. Mert (1979)
    • Sorular ve yanıtlarıyla kültür 

      Çalışlar, Aziz (1983)
    • Urbanization 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      Urbanization has changed constructions of manliness in U.S. society since the 1830s, when the nation experienced its first surge of urban expansion. Urbanization (the growth of cities and the built environment) has affected ...
    • Victorian Era 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The Victorian Era (1837–1901) is the period in history during which Queen Victoria reigned over Great Britain. This includes both British and American cultural history from the 1830s to the end of the nineteenth century, ...