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    • Harmonic cantilevers for nanomechanical sensing of elastic properties 

      Sahin, O.; Yaralioglu, G.; Grow, R.; Zappe, S. F.; Atalar, Abdullah; Quate, C.; Solgaard, O. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2003)
      We present a micromachined scanning probe cantilever, in which a specific higher order flexural mode is designed to be resonant at an exact integer multiple of the fundamental resonance frequency. We have demonstrated that ...
    • Silica nanoparticle formation by using droplet-based microreactor 

      Nikdoost, A.; Ozkan, A.; Kelestemur, Y.; Demir, H. V.; Erdem, E. Y. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017)
      This paper describes a method for the synthesis of silica nanoparticles that can be later used for coating of quantum dots inside a microfluidic reactor. Here, a droplet-based system is used where two reagents were mixed ...