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    • Finite element modeling of micro-particle separation using ultrasonic standing waves 

      Büyükkoçak, S.; Çetin, B.; Özer, M. B. (Web Portal ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), 2014)
      Acoustophoresis which means separation of particles and cells using acoustic waves is becoming an intensive research subject. The method is based on inducing an ultrasonic compression standing wave inside a microchannel. ...
    • Microfluidic device for synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles 

      Çetin, Barbaros; Taze, Serdar; Asik, M.D.; Tuncel, S.A. (ASME, 2013)
      Chitosan nanoparticles have a biodegradable, biocompatible, non-toxic structure, and commonly used for drug delivery systems. In this paper, simulation of a microfluidic device for the synthesis of chitosan nanoparticle ...