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    • Terahertz Bandpass Frequency Selective Surfaces on Glass Substrates Using a Wet Micromachining Process 

      Ramzan, Mehrab; Khan, Talha Masood; Bolat, Sami; Nebioglu, Mehmet Ali; Altan, Hakan; Okyay, Ali Kemal; Topallı, Kağan (Springer New York LLC, 2017)
      This paper presents terahertz (THz) frequency selective surfaces (FSS) implemented on glass substrate using standard microfabrication techniques. These FSS structures are designed for frequencies around 0.8 THz. A fabrication ...
    • Wafer-scale arrays of high-Q silica optical microcavities 

      Ozgur E.; Huseyinoglu E.; Dana, A. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2017)
      On-chip high-Q microcavities possess significant potential in terms of integration of optical microresonators into functional optoelectronic devices that could be used in various applications, including biosensors, ...