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    • Size-dependent alternation of magnetoresistive properties in atomic chains 

      Durgun, Engin; Senger, R. T.; Mehrez, H.; Sevinçli, H.; Çıracı, Salim (American Institute of Physics, 2006)
      Spin-polarized electronic and transport properties of carbon atomic chains are investigated when they are capped with magnetic transition-metal (TM) atoms like Cr or Co. The magnetic ground state of the TM-C n-TM chains ...
    • Spintronic properties of zigzag-edged triangular graphene flakes 

      Şahin, H.; Senger, R. T.; Çıracı, Salim (AIP Publishing LLC, 2010)
      We investigate quantum transport properties of triangular graphene flakes with zigzag edges by using first principles calculations. Triangular graphene flakes have large magnetic moments which vary with the number of ...