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    • Contextualism as an important facet of individualism-collectivism: personhood beliefs across 37 national groups 

      Owe, E.; Vignoles, V. L.; Becker, M.; Brown, R.; Smith, P .B.; Lee, S. W. S.; Easterbrook, M.; Gadre, T.; Zhang X.; Gheorghiu, M.; Baguma, P.; Tatarko, A.; Aldhafri, S.; Zinkeng, M.; Schwartz, S. J.; Des Rosiers, S. E.; Villamar, J. A.; Mekonnen, K. H.; Regalia, C.; Manzi, C.; Brambilla, M.; Kusdil, E.; Çağlar, S.; Gavreliuc, A.; Martin, M.; Jianxin, Z.; Lv, S.; Fischer, R.; Milfont, T. L.; Torres, A.; Camino, L.; Kreuzbauer, R.; Gausel, N.; Buitendach, J. H.; Lemos, F. C. S.; Fritsche, I.; Möller, B.; Harb, C.; Valk, A.; Espinosa, A.; Jaafar, J. L.; Yuki, M.; Ferreira, M. C.; Chobthamkit, P.; Fülöp, M.; Chybicka, A.; Wang, Q.; Bond, M. H.; González, R.; Didier, N.; Carrasco, D.; Cadena, M. P.; Lay, S.; Gardarsdóttir, R. B.; Nizharadze, G.; Pyszczynski, T.; Kesebir, P.; Herman, G.; Sauvage, Isabelle de; Courtois, M.; Bourguignon, D.; Özgen, E.; Güner Ü. E.; Yamakoğlu, N.; Abuhamdeh, S.; Mogaji, A.; Macapagal, M. E. J.; Koller, S. H.; Amponsah, B.; Misra, G.; Kapur, P.; Trujillo, E. V.; Balanta, P.; Ayala, B. C.; Gallo, I. S.; Gil, P. P.; Clemares, R. L.; Campara, G.; Jalal, B. (Sage Publications, Inc., 2013)
      Beliefs about personhood are understood to be a defining feature of individualism-collectivism (I-C), but they have been insufficiently explored, given the emphasis of research on values and self-construals. We propose the ...
    • Exploring impact of absent students on scale properties of student ratings of instruction in Turkey 

      Kalender, Ilker (Sciedu Press, 2019)
      In the present study comparability or ranking of instructors based on student ratings were investigated under the effect of absenteeism. To this end, invariance of scale properties of student ratings was examined via ...
    • Measurement invariance of student evaluation of teaching across groups defined by course-related variables 

      Kalender, İ. (International Online Journal of Educational Sciences, 2015)
      In the present study, comparability of scores from student evaluation of teaching forms was investigated. This is an important issue because scores given by students are used in decision making in higher education ...