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    • Data equivalence in cross-cultural international business research: assessment and guidelines 

      Hult, G. T. M.; Ketchen, D. J.; Griffith, D. A.; Finnegan, C. A.; Gonzalez-Padron, T.; Harmancioglu, N.; Huang, Y.; Talay, M. B.; Cavusgil, S. T. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)
      Data equivalence refers to the extent to which the elements of a research design have the same meaning, and can be applied in the same way, in different cultural contexts. Failure to establish data equivalence in cross-cultural ...
    • The measurement invariance of university students’ ratings of instruction 

      Kalender, İlker; Berberoğlu, G. (Hacettepe University, 2019)
      The invariance in the scores of student rating of instruction was studied across high and low achieving classrooms. Achievement levels were determined by the two criteria such as self-reported expected grades and end of ...