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    • Microfluidics for reconfigurable electromagnetic metamaterials 

      Kasirga, T. S.; Ertas, Y. N.; Bayındır, Mehmet (AIP Publishing, 2009)
      We propose microfluidics as a useful platform for reconfigurable electromagnetic metamaterials. Microfluidic split-ring resonators (MF-SRRs) are fabricated inside a flexible elastomeric material by employing rapid prototyping. ...
    • Novel microstrip fed mechanically tunable combline cavity filter 

      Kurudere, S.; Erturk, V. B. (IEEE, 2013)
      A novel configuration for mechanically tunable combline bandpass filters is proposed, where the classical resonating rod-tuning screw combination is replaced with a simple printed circuit-tuning screw combination. Moreover, ...
    • SIW‐based interdigital bandpass filter with harmonic suppression 

      Kurudere, S.; Ertürk, V. B. (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2015)
      A novel configuration of interdigital bandpass filter based on the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is proposed. In addition to the interdigital resonators in SIW that determine the main response/characteristics ...